Technical Insanity

My static page with html, css and php seem to no longer cut it for me. I have never got around to actually writing my admin area. I have decided to use a combination of word press and a wiki instead.

This, however, was not my idea. Steve Pearce put me onto the idea. I have had a small blog which I have only recently started to use. It does seem to be one of the easier ways of doing things.

Alot of areas of this site shall remain. The projects page will move into multiple pages in a projects catagory for instance, but they will still be located at as this allows very easy management of files. Including updates and news items, although I may add a framework for my projects in the future.

As you may notice, this site is more than a little bare… or should I say less than…

Over the next couple of days I will be building up the entries… you can always subscribe to the feed to keep a check on whats going on!

My name on the internet is Viperfang. I live in a 3 bedroom house with my mum, still at college, cash is a bit tight, and I spend most of that time on one of my computers.

Every time I go online i use it to sign into almost everything. I think I have done this to the point where I respond quicker to viperfang than my real name.

I think that when I am on the internet I am a different person almost. Like split personalities but not so extereme. Maybe just a more confident, happier person.

I feel the need to start a blog.

As a general rule, I hate them. Who want to hear about people lives? All they do is whine about how bad their life is, or how great the latest equivilent is.

“How is this different?” I hear you say. This will be about experiences that may help other people when they encounter the same problems. Be it installing linux on a specific piece of hardware or a week end project that ends up burning the house down.

I hope you enjoy whatever tutorials, reviews and other ramblings that appear on here.

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