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Windows Automatic Updates. Such a small piece of software that’s meant to save you time and keep you system up to date with little to no inconvenience to the user, and yet it is all but convinient.

How often have you been working on your system and you keep getting a little window bugging you to reboot? Or been playing a game, and repeatedly minimises you game to show you this little window? How about left you machine for a few minutes to get a coffee or the like, and returned to find the system has automatically restarted and closed all your windows and lost a chunk of work?

Ok, this isn’t the perfect soloution, but it is a beginning.

This small app that is designed to sit in the system tray and show you the status of the windows update service. If this service is stopped, then no updates, but you do get rid of those bug windows.

This app gives you the ability to stop, start and restart the service, aswell as allowing this app to start with windows, so it is always there.

Detect WAU windows and automatically shut down the service
Option: Auto stop service on start (Useful as many spyware apps detect the disabled service as a threat)
Option: Change statup type (Auto -> Manual -> Disabled)

Anything else? Place sugestions in the comments!


WAU Controller v1.0

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  1. Benjamin says:

    Perhaps give it an option to start as a service or install as a service (latter even better)? I’m considering that for Aerofoil 🙂

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