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With the idea of finding some boot roms, for some NIC’s that lack them, Ive been raiding a box of old computer equipment. As I didn’t have that much time I grabbed every chip that was in a socket,  below is what I found!

Type Manufacturer Model Qty Notes
eprom ISSI is27hc01045 2 128K (1 megabit)
eprom STMicroelectronics m27c256b 3 256K (2 megabit)
eprom National Semiconductor nmc27c256q25 1 256K (2 megabit)
eprom Macronix International 27c256-15 2 256K (2 megabit)
eprom Advanced Micro Devices am27c512-150dc 1 512K (4 megabit)
eprom STMicroelectronics m27c512-15f1 1 512K (4 megabit)
eprom NXP Semiconductors 27c256-20fa 1 256K (2 megabit)
FM OPERATOR TYPE L 2 Yamaha ym3812 1
Single-chip Floppy Disk Controller UMC Corporation um8388 1
Programmable Peripheral Interface NEC upd8255ac-2 1
Many-Time Programmable Flash Silicon Storage Technology, Inc sst27sf512-70-3c-pg 1 512K (4 megabit)
CMOS EPROM NXP Semiconductors 27c256-20n 2 Notes
Static RAM GoldStar gm76c88-10 1 8,192 X 8 BIT
CMOS FLASH Winbond w29ee011-15 1 128K (1 megabit)
EEPROM Winbond w27c512-70 1 64K (512 bit)
EEPROM Winbond w27e257-12 1 32K (256 bits)
CMOS STATIC RAM Winbond w2465-70ll 1 8K X 8
CMOS Flash Memory ATMEL Corporation at49f010-70pc 2 128K (1 megabit)
CMOS Flash Memory ATMEL Corporation at49f020-90pc 3 256K (2 megabit)
Graphics Color Palette ETC tr9c1710-50pc 1
Quad 2-Input NOR Gate Motorola sn74ls02n 1
8-Input POSITIVE-NAND Gates Texas Instruments sn74ls30n 1
Quadruple 2-Input POSITIVE-NAND Gates Texas Instruments sn74ls00n 1
Quadruple 2-Input XOR Gates Texas Instruments sn74ls86an 2
Manchester Encoder-Decoder Seeq DQ8023A 1 IEEE 802.3,Ethernet Rev 1, TxC cycle 100ns
CMOS DRAM Hynix Semiconductor hy534256as 8 256k x 4 bit – 70ns
CMOS DRAM Samsung km44c256b-7 4 256 x 4 bit – 70ns
Clock Generator – Dual Frequency Generater Avasem AV9194-46CN20 1

Above: Identified components. Part IDs are links to datasheets. If there is no link, I couldnt find the datasheet.

I have eight chips (Ok, so three are the same) which I can find no information on, any help appreciated!

[1st] (Qty: 3) 20 pin DIP Chip reads:
NMBS     9146

[2nd] (Qty: 1) 20 pin DIP Chip reads:
OTI068 850167-243
INC A9202 501A

[3rd] (Qty: 1) 28 pin DIP Chip reads:

[4th] (Qty: 1) 28 pin DIP Chip reads:

[5th] (Qty: 1) 28 pin DIP Chip reads (I know this one is a samsung) :

[5th] (Qty: 1) 28 pin DIP Chip reads:

I also got a stack of other eeproms, but the are all OPT (One time program) so they are useless to me. Im not binning then though, I have a project in mind. Well, 2. But an extreme voltage overload is only funny whilst you have 2 eyes.

So, if you have any datasheets that match the chips in the table above or you have any info (the data sheet would be amazing) for the chips listed as unknown, please send them to me!

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