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So, I thought this would be a little bit of fun aswell as a bit educational. I have some parts lying around, and I wanted to give this a shot. I want this system to be able to:

  • Burn ISO images of single layer DVD
  • Burn the contents of a folder to DVD
  • Duplicate discs
  • Create ISOs of discs to HDD or network

All of this should be available via a remote interface, and all options should be able to use multiple drives.

So thats the idea, first step is the hardware. Here are the components I will be using:

  • Lian Li case (It was recently made redundent) (4x 5.25″ bays 2x 3.5″ 3x 3.5″ HDD bays)
  • 350W PSU (Not branded)
  • 300W PSU Codegen
  • PSU Tester (to bring the second PSU online)
  • AOpen AK77 Pro-A 133 Motherboard
  • AMD Athlon 2100+ XP
  • Arctic Cooling Copper Silent 2 (CPU Heatsync and Fan)
  • 512MB DDR 400 (That’s PC3200) (Thanks to Steve Peace (
  • nVidia GeForce MX-440 8X 64MB
  • Realtek RTL8169S Gigabit Ethernet NIC (Unfortunately no boot ROM)
  • Fujitsu MPC3065AH (6.5GB) IDE – This will be the system drive
  • Maxtor 90651U2 (6.5GB) IDE – Temp drive (For disc images)
  • Pioneer DVR-109 IDE
  • Sony NEC Optiarc AD-7170A IDE (Only reads/writes DVDs – It was free)
  • Toshiba Samsung SH-S182 IDE
  • NEC ND-3550A IDE
  • iTE IT8212F IDE Controller (2 channel)
  • Floppy Drive (was already in the case, dont need the bay and I can’t see a blanking plate)
  • 2x 120mm fan

As I have a floppy drive, might consider grabbing that as a boot record…

Ok, so I’ve hooked it all up, and mounted the PSU on the top of the case (temporarily) with cable ties and black tape.


( Click pics to see bigger versions )

Now that its all together, lets see if it boots!

It didn’t at first, but I reseated the memory and now it runs as expected. Now for the software!

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